Atlanta, Georgia is a great place to find jewelers that sell certified diamonds and western wedding rings. Certified diamond engagement rings are a great insurance for knowing that you are purchasing an authentic diamond engagement ring.
Shopping for a certified diamond engagement ring can be a rewarding experience. Certified diamonds can take the worry out of buying a diamond. Buying a diamond is an emotional purchase for most individuals. While w may put a value on a stone, the rest of the world may see it as a lesser quality, over priced, or at worst, fake. These are al fears a first time buyer may feel. Knowing what a certified diamond is and what this means for you can help you buy a quality diamond engagement ring that will make you and your bride to be happy for many decades.
Independent laboratories provide a service to the public. They inspect and put their seal of approval on diamonds. An independent laboratory is not paid for by the jewelry store, so you know they did not buy the approval. Think of these independent laboratories as sort of a quality control for the diamond industry. They work for the consumer. A quality jewelry store will already have their jewelry inspected by an independent laboratory and be ready to provide you with the certificate to prove the authenticity of the diamond. If your diamond has not already been inspected, you should definitely ask to have it sent to an independent laboratory and certified before you purchase it.
All of this talk about independent laboratories any have you sleeping a little easier, but there are a few things you should know about them. First of all, there are many different independent laboratories out there. The Gemological Institute of America is one of the most well known Independent Laboratories out there. They compare diamond and diamond prices form jewelers and dealers all over the world. This can be a useful service for anyone buying a diamond. Make sure you understand whether you are asking for proof of authenticity or an appraisal certificate. There are other independent laboratories out there besides GIA. If you don’t know they are a reputable and well-established independent laboratory, do not use them. As with any industry, there are always those bad apples out there merely trying to make a buck.

Now, that you know how to tell if your diamond is real and what it is appraise dat, you are ready to start searching for a diamond engagement ring. Here are a few local Atlanta jewelers that sell diamond engagement rings. For the most part they sell diamonds that have been inspected y an Independent Laboratory. Don’t forget though, it is your job to ask!
Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry is located in the trendy and upscale Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead. They are a little known diamond source for most of the public. Mostly they sell diamonds wholesale to other dealers, but the knowledgeable public who finds out about them is welcome to come buy diamonds at wholesale prices from their showroom. They are reputable and a must stop on your hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring. Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry is located at 3340 Peachtree Road North East, Atlanta, Georgia, 30326. they can be reached at (404) 266-0266.
Mayors is a high end and posh jewelry store with a fabulous selections of pre-inspected diamonds. You can choose to buy diamonds that are loose or already set into a ring. They also carry fine china, which may get you started on registering for some weeding gifts! Mayors is locate dat 3225 Peachtree Road Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia, 30305. they can be reached at (404) 261-4911.
D. Gellar and Sons Jewelers is a national jewelry store with locations in cities across America. They are a great place if you want to walk in on you day off and pick something up. The diamonds are almost always pre inspected. Don’t let the words chain store keep you from visiting this store. D. Gellar and Sons Jewelers is located at 2453 Cobb Parkway South East, Atlanta, Georgia, 30080. they can be reached at (770) 955-5995.